Parent and Student Testimonials

Long-running parent, Colleen von Stein in response to our recent international teaching award:

Congratulations Marianna! I know how dedicated you have always been to our kids for so many years, and the many hours of your personal time that you have given up to help these young people succeed!

Raquelle is in 3rd yr teaching degree with drama as her major and doing exceedingly well thanks to your tutoring and guidance. Tamika is loving her musical theatre and is performing at the top of her level in every performance thanks to your strong ethics and discipline.

My girls have learnt so much from you, on stage, back stage, side stage, front of house, music, lighting, costuming, presentation … and have gained so much confidence and discipline.

We really appreciate everything you have given to us. You mean so much to us, and we are truely grateful!

Congratulations on this well deserved award! 🙏👍💕☺️ (pictures, Colleen’s daughter, Tamika)

Rose Wins J.J Richards Scholarship Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts

“I started learning with Miss Psaltis when I was three years three and a half years old, now, fifteen years and lots of incredible opportunities later, I’m lucky enough to be a mentor.” Rose Traynor-Boyland.

Mentor Vincent D'Amico and student, Dantè

“Simply put RAD was the space we needed for Dantè to find his tribe and unleash his inner quirky, creative and confident self and we are eternally grateful for all the RAD staff for how they ensure that all those who join are included and made to feel accepted and encouraged to find their inner sparkle and shine in a way that’s true to them in their own way and time.” Parent, Michelle Sparks 

“RAD is a place where I could be myself. I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere it provides and how welcoming it is. 

I have achieved above and beyond what I thought I would when I first joined RAD. I was able to participate in numerous eisteddfods and was lucky enough to participate in a movie!” Graduate, Georgia Wruck 

“RAD has instilled a great amount of grounding, focus and discipline for me in my following years as a graduate, the time that I spent under Miss Psaltis’ wing helped path the way for me in my career as an actor.

She will continue to be a strong mentor figure to me for the rest of my life. Graduate, Meghan Carmella Triandis

“I love coming to the studio! It’s so fun and you learn so much about acting.” Student, Lulu Thompson

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