Acting and Drama Express Class


Learn about the discipline of acting and creativity and of drama!
  • A class designed to teach pupils about the fundamentals of performance and foster creativity
  • Weekly 1 hour term-time drama classes
  • Students focus on confidence building, improvisation and personal development
  • Performance skills for the stage and screen
  • Participation in Festivals, Competitions and Eisteddfods
What should you expect from this class?
Our acting and drama class is a multidisciplinary class so the students will study the skill of acting (scripts and commercials) as well as exploring the creativity of drama. Our drama class is more focussed on improvisation, creativity and confidence building. While the students will enjoy some performance opportunities the focus of the drama class is less performance based. 

We are the home of youth ACTING and DRAMA training in the Redlands.  In our express class our students experience the best of both worlds.  Acting training includes monologues, characters and scene work.  Through acting, students learn the discipline of memorisation, clear speech production, working on scripts (classic and contemporary literature and commercials) developing vocal and physical expression.  Drama focuses on personal development, confidence building and creativity.  Students engage in educational and fun activities where they can create characters, be spontaneous and have fun!


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