Rose and Sammy Celebrate 15 Years at Our Studio

Sammy and Rose celebrate 15 years of tuition at our studio!

Both Rose and Sammy started lessons with Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis in their early years at just 3 and a half years old.  Now they prepare to celebrate 15 years of learning at our studio!

Over the years they have produced many performance pieces, from the childhood classic stories of Roald Dahl and Edward Lear to Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Neil Simon among many other prolific authors and playwrights.  

Sammy and Rose have undertaken exams for both Speech and Drama as well as Acting and Performance, attaining consistently high results over the years and, collectively with our studio cohort, topping the state on several occasions. They now prepare to take their highest level exams at tertiary level, with our Studio. 

They both have many fond memories to reflect upon:


“I have been learning drama from Miss Psaltis for nearly 15 years now and it has definitely been an amazing experience. From being a kid that wasn’t even in prep yet, playing games that were teaching me skills without even knowing it, to now, preparing to undertake my diploma. Perhaps some of my fondest memories of my time are the first few eisteddfods I performed in. Whether or not I won anything, they were always a great time, with plenty of performers to watch and learn from, as well as people to meet. Each lesson brings something new to the table, either a new piece to perform and enjoy, or a new story to discuss, analyse or laugh about.”


“I am so grateful for Miss Psaltis and all the work she has put in and support she has shown me over the last 15 years to help me achieve my dreams. She has instilled in me a strong work ethic and fostered my passion for theatre. I have so many fond memories of working with Miss Psaltis over the years but one that stands out is when I was younger and we wrote a poem about fairies and I sat on the prop fairy toadstools and had a photo with my poem. Miss Psaltis always finds ways to foster creativity.”

Ms Psaltis couldn’t be prouder of both Sammy and Rose:

“ To see students grow and learn through their devotion to the arts over 15 years has not only been rewarding, it has been motivating. This is why we do what we do.  Arts education gives children and young people the power of critical thinking, acceptance of themselves and others as well as the exposure to world literature and the key concepts and ideologies that underpin these texts. Sammy and Rose are both exceptional students and confident, well-rounded young adults who will succeed in their chosen fields.  Their strong grounding in the arts will propel them to further success.”

Ms Psaltis and the studio couldn’t be prouder of Sammy and Rose. We all wish them luck as they prepare to embark on their final exams with the studio. 

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