Marianna Psaltis with the World Monologue Games

Studio Director, Judge and Acting Coach, Marianna Psaltis on her involvement in the World Monologue Games:

I have loved being involved in the World Monologue Games as both a Judge and acting coach and each show excites me as the actors take to the world stage. 

This unique competition gives actors from all over the world access to tools, information and experiences that further their skills and deepen their passion for acting.  

This competition promotes accessibility by encouraging participants of all skill levels, cultures and countries to participate, in any spoken language. The performances in languages other than English are especially enjoyable to judge as the focus steers away from the dialogue and brings attention to the authenticity of emotion from the actor.  It is like watching opera and is a profound experience as the audience feels connected to the characters and their journeys, through the raw emotions, beyond the language.  

As an acting coach, I foster an ethos of hard work and dedication to the craft.  The World Monologue Games presents an incredible opportunity for actors to continue to refine their skills and stay active in the craft as well as to connect with a community of performers from around the globe.  I actively encourage my students to participate and suggest two or more categories in order to work on different genres and styles. 

I never judge shows that my own students are in, so regrettably this knocked me out as a judge in many of the regional finals this year.  However, of course I was elated to see so many of my pupils move forward in each round.  The excitement that filled our studio was electric as performers worked diligently to select, deconstruct and rehearse their monologues for this year’s competition. 

Congratulations to the hundreds of participants worldwide and to Pete for offering a truly unique competition. Bring on 2023! 

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